Bee Queen by Chicca Lualdi/ MILAN / SS 2015

_MG_0095  _MG_0177  _MG_0233  _MG_0216_  _MG_0495_1  _MG_0477_MG_0525  _MG_0247  _MG_0532

Ploomi Clothing / SS 2017


Ploomi Clothing / SS 2017


Beloe zoloto / Christmas collection 2016

_mg_6562_1  _mg_6585_1-2  _mg_6450_1 _mg_6279_1  _mg_6360_1  _mg_6516_1

Beloe zoloto / Christmas collection 2016/ part 2

_mg_8495_1  _mg_8647_1  _mg_9078_1   _mg_8714_1  _mg_8902_1  _mg_9115_11  _mg_8993_  _mg_8197_1  _mg_8591_1  _mg_8582_1123  _mg_8789_12  
Bessonnitsa & Bessonnitsa kids/ SS 16

_MG_3163  _MG_3035  _MG_3002_1  _MG_3017_2  _MG_2926  _MG_2953 _MG_3065  _MG_3242  _MG_3123

Bessonnitsa/ Capsule collection Spring 2015

_MG_1047  _MG_1051  _MG_1285 _MG_1117_1  _MG_1135_1  _MG_1301_MG_1034  _MG_1164_1_  _MG_1201

Svetlana Kuzina for JNBY/ AW 2012-1013

17  18  2730_174548_2829

True Royal/ MILAN/ SS 2015

_MG_8603  _MG_8813_1  _MG_8648_1_MG_8953_1_  _MG_9051_1  _MG_8857_new__MG_9092_1  _MG_8755_1  _MG_8990_1_

Fatima Val / MILAN/ SS 2015

_MG_9325  _MG_9647  _MG_9593_MG_9543  _MG_9569  _MG_9676_MG_9396  _MG_9598  _MG_9658

Fatima Val/ MILAN/ AW 2015-2016

1__1  2  3__5  8__  1012  21  23

Fatima Val/ MILAN/ SS 2016

_MG_0124_1  _MG_0322_1  _MG_0392_1 _MG_0415_1  _MG_0463_1  _MG_0236_1
_MG_0317_1  _MG_0277_1  _MG_0361_1

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